Everyday we exert a huge amount of energy for work, to give our family a better future. We wake up early to catch the morning commute, get your job done in offices and in return you’re spending vestige of your day, exhausted and sleepy with your family.

         This course is designed to train you how to put up a business based on your existing skills and passion using online technology. You don’t need to have programming and other technical skills to pull it off! I will help you identify your key strengths and walk you through the process of monetizing it! Are you ready for the challenge? Let’s get going!

What Students Say About The VApreneur Training

I am not new to freelancing because I am already doing it for more that 2 years but the VApreneur Program has taught me how to build a full fledged VA Business!

From identifying my goals and passion, to creating a roadmap, up to improving my brand, the VApreneur program has taught me everything I need to upgrade my business.

One thing I love more is the group mentorship and camaraderie among students. We get to have accountability partners and mastermind group at the same time, making it a whole new coaching experience for me. Can’t wait to see my business grow more!

Sherlane Fortunado

Social Media VA, Rakethub

Before taking the VAPreneur course, I knew I wanted to start a VA Business. I just didn’t have a clear vision and the confidence to charge premium rates. I was also overwhelmed with all the things I had to think about.

Throughout the course, Rochefel helped me get clear on the direction that I want to take. Her modules and assignments helped me focus on what I needed to get started. Without her, I would still be dreaming of the life that I wanted to have: getting great clients who pay what I’m worth while enjoying work and life in the process.

Ciela Jane Geraldizo

Copywriter/Social Media VA, CJGeraldizo

I started in the VA industry about a year ago, when I decided to go back to graduate school. I knew nothing from online jobs nor business but Roche was able to guide me, step by step, into making money online.

Even if my comfort zone was different, she was able to find a way to teach me how to identify and work with my zone of genius. One thing I really had a hard time dealing with.

The VApreneur program didn’t just transformed my life. It made me a more confident person and is still bringing out the best in me!

Felix John Samonte

Administrative VA, FelixSamonte